Depart From Thee

Wounds, that illuminate...
That spirit, that planted the seed…
Just a biological relationship…
is not a home.

The soul
knows you not…
Depart from thee.

Fatherless kids, tend to imitate…
is emulated…
Creating generational cycles

The soul
knows you not…
Depart from thee.

The child grows outwardly…
not inwardly
emptiness remains

The soul
knows you not…
Depart from thee.

Fatherless, birth
myriad of maladies…
diminishing self-worth.
It creates risk
greater tragedies.

The soul
knows you not…
Depart from thee.

Giving account
unto God
whilst doing  
a wrong, for wrong
does not, make right.

Drawing nearer to Christ
God is setting souls free.
Our judgmental transgressions…
Depart from thee.

The pursuit of awareness
welcomes clarity
Forgiveness, broke the chain
Your affliction
gives a different perspective
beneath the pain.

He restores the soul
He leadeth
in the path, of righteousness.

of A Divine bond
Father, we understood
your silent respond

Spirit-to-spirit, connection
A longing
for God’s love...
to thine soul.

brought peace
the inner man, is free.
Delighting, in your presence

Don’t let your spirit…
Depart from thee.

Copyright © September 20, 2015 Vivid Memories
The Birthing Poet – Rebirth4Love

The-Fatherless, Head-of-Household, Broken-Homes, Family-Dynamics, Forgiveness, Unforgiveness

#Advocacy, #NlisticSouldier

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