The Denouement

Who knew that the world had such a fucking clue to who we were meant to be,

Everyday people come up and say

"What are you doing with your life?"

Honestly what is there to say when the world is filled with such grief.

It’s a god damn stage.

All of it.

It builds us as a character but tears it down when the denouement comes around.

Then they all wonder why we act the way we act,

After they were to ones who kept picking

And picking

And picking

Until one day we couldn't help it but to break

To crack and shatter.

Creating a million pieces,

That no glue could ever hold together,

Stuck with gaping holes,

Showing our true insides.

The world is a damned nation,

Held together by one.

Who's to say what is best for us,

When really we aren't even the best for ourselves.


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