I look around.


Chaos fills the skies.

And the dust has only settled enough

For us to see the broken walls

and cities whom have met their own untimely demise.


Something has shifted.


Due to our own sins,

The world is shades of gray, with darkness

Highlighting the rubble

and allowing us to see the people we love in ruins.


But I am fine.

Everything is okay.

Through optimism and willfull ignorance

The world is all the same,

And everything that we know and love is here to stay.


I've been here before.


I've walked these vacant streets.

Nothing at all has changed

The city glows and every step

I take still follows the same old beats.


But I'm alone.


The same old people have all gone.

The ones we've known and love

are all still here alone with me

But they are vacant and forgone.


They look upon me.


Greet me with friendly stares.

They remind me of the truth

which I've tried so hard to disguise and

They are lost beyond compare.

It doesn't matter.

It might be lonely, but it's sane.

The world around me's moving

But mine is stationary, 

Frozen in time and safe from bane.

So I keep running. 

Running from all the change.

My world is still the same,

But there comes a point when running

Takes to long and begins to feel kind of strange.


There's nowhere left to go.


The dark has finally won.

Through worn out lies I begin to see 

The world I tried so hard to hide

It's creeping up and taking over me.


So I look around.


And I see what the world has become.

Sitting in my bubble I

Never really realized exactly what

I was running from.


It's known as chaos.


I was living within my lies.

So now all that's left to do

is just accept the fact of everything

That I can see, now that

I have finally opened my eyes.

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Our world
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