A Demons Soul


A man, deemed a demon for seeing beyond the fog
Betrayed by the people and rules he swore to follow
Plagued by the harsh cruel world in which we live
Feeding us a truth too hard to swallow
The truth was his burden, the truth was his demise
Deemed a demon for revealing the things they tried to hide
Deemed a demon by the people he does now despise
He was their soldier, he was their weapon
But when he followed his own path, it was him they did regret
When he exposed their lies and revealed their evil
It became people like him they
shouldn't forget
They do not change their ways
They do not right the wrong
They cover it all up and keep the people in a haze
The man has no soul of a demon but a soul of a hero
He is just made to look like a demon by the people he once served
His only crime being telling the people what they should already know
And blowing away the fog that no one deserved



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