Demons of the Night

Thu, 05/05/2016 - 10:27 -- bconcho

This is ridiculous  
 Borderline creepy insidious
 Try to blind me  
 Darkness surrounds me 
 Scream in my ears 
 Testing my fears 
 Nice try I'm fearless 
 My anxieties come when I hear less 
 White noise blows out my ear drums 
 Boom bam 
 Insomnia takes away my freedoms 
 I pop the pills 
 I lay awake 
 Until they take 
 Write these lyrics down 
 Take my crown 
 Close my eyes 
 And do it all over the next hour later 
 Take make obliviate 
 Is that even word 
 Burn me at the stake 
 Show up at my wake 
 I bet u anything I'm not dead 
 Won't let me sleep why let me die 
 Watching me suffer let me cry 
 It's not even the cute kind 
 It's the ugly as fuck 
 boogers drip and drop 
 Can't even breathe kind 
 It's the kind that don't stop 
 Hyperventilating like if ima pop 
 My brain across the walls 
 Bullet threw my skull 
 Leave the blood stains and call it art 
 They say I'm creative here's my start 
 Is it tragic to take my heart 
 and reverse this madness 
 Are those even words 
 Fuck it 
 I'm tired 
 It's been weeks since I been hired 
 Work is dumb school is dumb 
 Let's get higher 
 Nah that's dumb too 
 What's done is done 
 The end had come 
 And gone 
 So now what  
What's next 
 Whose right what's best 
 Am I wrong 
 To feel that I've never belonged 
 In this town 
 I'm not down 
 I'm not found 
 Find me 
 Free me 
 See me 
 I wrote the lyrics 
 Sang the songs 
 Said my prayers 
 Now let me sleep 
 Bring me meaning 
 Spare my being 
 And wake me up when it's all over  



wake up. it won't be over until you fight it. its a wolf that won't go away until you are truly dead or driven insane. fight it, because it won't fight itself

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