Demonic Rulers

You try to limit my lawful opinion by threats, scared tactics and intimidation.
The truth terrifies you evil serpents, so you do not want to hear it.
You flee in confusion like insane persons when nobody is pursuing you.

Demonic rulers, I know you can see clearly with your literal eyes,
But treachery, grudge and enmity have certainly blinded your mind.
I shall never walk with you incompetent fools and let you lead me to a precipice.

It is not in your best interest to educate the poor civilian population in the law.
You keep them in the dark because you want to take advantage of their ignorance.

The wicked backra masters used to put chains on the neck and feet of our forefathers,
But the psychological shackles that you put on our mind is far worse than that.
And the stupid ones among us accept the falsehood that you dish out to them.

Sadly, the descendants of slaves do not think they deserve better treatment.
They open their mouth wide like nestlings that are being fed by their mother,
And they allow bad-minded politicians to shove garbage down their throat.

Agents of the state, namely the police and the army, violate the rights of the people.
They intentionally oppress the poor under your failing leadership.
The Jamaica Constabulary Force cannot be trusted in any way nor at any time.
That evil organization is infested with corrupt people, liars, murderers and thieves.

You misuse taxpayers’ money to mobilize and maintain a useless military.
It is incapable of protecting the inhabitants of this country from outside attack.

The so-called Jamaica Defence Force serves only one purpose in this country,
And that is to terrorise the residents of the Ghettos, especially illiterate persons.

We have ample evidence of this in the Green Bay massacre, the Tivoli Gardens massacre,
And other gruesome acts that the Jamaican army has perpetrated against the poor.

Your collective aim is to criminalize virtually everything poor people do for a living.
That is why you conspire to illegalize almost every effort suffers make to survive.

You make contemptuous laws and policies to minimize the progress of the “small man.”
You discourage entrepreneurship by hindering vendors from selling on the roadside,
And you frustrate and persecute the persons who you regard as running illegal taxis.

Can you justify the act of preventing youngsters from wiping windshields?
You want the needy to remain in poverty so you can make absurd promises to them.
And you secretly grease their palm to get their vote when it is near election.

Every day you prate about reducing crime and violence as if you are without fault.
You should cleanse your dirty hands from badness and guilt before you label other.
It is too bad you cannot stand the foul smell of your own excrement and urine.

Let me refresh your memory if you have forgotten your atrocious deeds.
Ponder over the acts of state-sponsored terrorism that you have sanctioned.

Many underprivileged families have suffered by your cruel and destructive hands.
You have shed the blood of many innocent black people to get in office.
You should copy the example of what Judas Iscariot did after he had betrayed Jesus.

Demonic rulers, how do you sleep comfortably at nights when you exploit the poor?
You have both directly and indirectly taken the food out of the mouth of our children.

Have you not done enough damage to this country and humanity?
How much further are you prepared to sink the economy to satisfy your greed?

Many times you boast about your system of education and self-styled intelligence.
And you like to flaunt your Ph.D. certificates and diplomatic credentials.
I for one regard these things as nothing more than filthy toilet paper.

It is your kind of wisdom that has brought the country to this decadent stage.
The absolute nonsense of the JLP and PNP tug-of-war makes my stomach sick.

It is my responsibility to deface the imprecise portrait of success and stability
That you have craftily painted to impress and deceive the international community.

You use the achievements of reggae music and sports to your own advantage.
And you try to cover up your wicked and hurtful intentions towards the citizens.
In what way did you help any of these youngsters before they became famous?

You take credit for what you do not build like King Nebuchadnezzar of ancient Babylon.
He praised himself for the backbreaking work that was performed by the slaves.

Apparently you do not give a damn about pedestrians, motorists and commuters.
Tourists and foreign exchange are more important to you than the welfare of native Jamaicans.

You have deprived the residents of Portmore and others of free passage to and from the region
Via the Causeway route by allowing opportunistic foreigners to build a toll road.
Our great grandparents paid for the Causeway road with their hard-earned money.
Your predecessors used a vampiric system to steal money from them in the name of taxes.

In my conclusion, the state is unmistakably the worst enemy of the people of Jamaica.
Demonic rulers, you are a group of double-faced statespersons and confounded idiots!
Beware of power hunger, for the eyes of God are watching every move you make.

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