Demonic Reveries

I open my eyes

Where once the stars did dance

In the dark of the night

Thou leave nothing to chance

I loll my fingers ‘round

Into a tight bound fist

Knock on the wooden door

Cross the chore off my list

Led by my ten small swine

I cross the threshold

Teeth chattering loud

A small smile as told

I extend my slim fingers

Embrace the Devil with small hand

A tear strolls down my cheek

A land of fire I am sure to land

I hear strung sounds behind me

The drum of death before

A choice that is only the illusion of choice

From this fake heaven I tore

Run with the lift of the wind

I spit upon the shoes of our deal

Shaking head, sweaty palms

I am but the citrus rind and orange peel

No, no I cannot turn back

Only onward I must run

Tears fly across my face

For he trots faster than the sun

I scream, I shriek

But ‘tis to no avail

Surely with his claws

I, he shall impale

He chuckles at my pain

Laughs at my terror

Yet I continue to run

Submission I shall not share

He gains footing behind

Sharp teeth gnawing at my feet

Heart beating fast

He can sense my defeat

I push on faster

Trudge with all my might

When all of the sudden

I wake in bed, screaming in the night


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