Dementia is a brain disease that causes a long-term decrease in the ability to think;

This brain disease really stinks.


Dementia causes a long-term decrease in the ability to remember as well;

Here are other things about dementia that I'll tell.


Dementia will also cause a person to have difficulties with their language, emotional problems, and a decrease in motivation;

There are people suffering from dementia in every nation.


Dementia has caused over a million deaths;

It's really sad to see a person take their last breath.


Dementia can be cured and what I'm saying is true;

Eating berries and leafy vegetables is what dementia patients should do.


Cognitive exercises can cure dementia too;

Dementia has been around for years, so it's not new.


When this diet and cognitive exercises cure dementia, the patients will feel very well;

Healthy brains are what everyone needs and that's all that I'll tell.

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