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Demented. An adjictive used to describe him.

A alot. Used by his parents Who have resented his dreams, Deams him not to be seen.

Heard by his freinds tends to make him a local preacher of the real word, Like a top his mind whirled. and Whirled spinning around and around till he finds himself on the ground.

Demented An adjictive as dark as the suit he's rented to attend his sisters funneral.

Burning in his eyes from the tears he obviously cries. Whys this always gotta happen to me screaming to the air it's not fair

and the hand raises and pounds on the wall drinks till he feels 8 feet tall. Sitting by the phone waiting for the call.

his freinds to show up not to be alone anymore. Goes on the roof to view the merging of the colors of the sunset, yet what;s he to do. Drowning in a pool of self-pity. Yelling screaming sombody hear me,

Me. Found along side the tracks going south to a happier place. Human waste he feels. No emotion he want's. Watching movies taunts him of a wonderful life surronded by all this uncontroble mortal strife. Why me.

Demented an adjictive he's accepted.

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