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Oversized Children drowning in a pond of their own self loathing, trying, trudging long O’ so hard; stumbling down a path O’ so dark,why these people try to demonstrate in the light, “ignorance” passed down by selfish plight.It’s awful to see a sight so trite,becoming indeed tiresomeit’d be nice to be able to say “it all ends tonight.” And mean it?- maybe,but the  thought is a delight no fight smite end with glorious might.Though O’ so heavily sconched by the shaunty looks jibing the sides of my eyes; gestures so upright to believe an indifferent view,something to be claimed of, yet I claim a side, nigh! “To see me be apart of something I so clearly deny,what random shide.” Maybe I, far too long neglected, the slapdash recovery from my public denunciation.  If thee so drudge to understand this Guess who my conflictor is it is thee, I transgress against. Put aside that negligence. The time has come to take up forgiveness. It is time they all see where an end is. End the debacleth refute.Resolute this silly sleuthing of impossible intents.It has burned to ash our beautiful legislature and torn to shreds our abominable future. It is time we all see the schism and repair this with a simple apology.Let us glean the pieces we’ve scrapped and left for dead;help resurrect beauty from the atrophy.Be contempt with the ending of this mordant entanglement (It has incarcerated us far too long.)and let us then join hands, with this reparative nation, on such joyous occasion to the awaiting bastion, our names have yet already been engraved into its walls. Peace is our humble home;to return is simply to forthcome into acceptance there is no need to have been won. 

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Our world
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