Delusional Duality

Words can’t seem to fall from these quivering lips

The thoughts pervade the consciousness.

Essence of reality breaking through the reason

Living a life devoid of every season.

Eyes lost in a trance, transfixed transposed

Thoughts perform their ritualistic dance

Till the ego can rebuild what’s closed.

I’ve seen it in a smile, the twinkle in their eyes

I’ve felt it in a sigh or when the tears fall from the skies.

Our lives have felt abandoned by all that we assume

We fill ourselves with our dilemma till we have no other room.

Our promises need no intention for many we won’t keep

We simply say what’s mean to be heard with little reverence.

I see in you a soul that’s bleeding and I hear it through your screaming

The words fall flat as I remain unmoved by the noise.

The choice is mine to react and I choose not to aid in your destruction.

Empty it all from out your heart and I will keep my poise.

We seclude ourselves to our delusions forming conspiracies of what must be

Then when reality comes to face us we pretend it’s something other than what we see.

May our consciousness rise above what we’ve come to learn

We walk across the bridges we burn

Then from them we may never return unless we have the courage to swim or fly.

Our lives may cease to be alive long before the time we die.


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