Delightful Darkness


Thoughts pluck at my skin like guitar strings

I can’t even feel it

Nothing hurts me anymore


Inside is where I scream

Sometimes I can almost hear the sound


Why am I frozen in time?

Hell on Earth

And hell in me

Tomorrow is a new day, but is it really?


I just can’t seem to stop


Nothing can fill me because I am

Empty and caved in,

Where my heart used to be

Delightful Darkness, you’re the only thing that can fill me


Hold me in your arms and

Tell me you’re here

Whisper in my ear


Spin your lies like thread

So that they will sew me back together or else I

Will keep splitting at the seams

Pull the thread tight

I don’t ever want to fall apart like this again


Rub your sandpaper hands on my back

Scrape off the skin that continues

To suffocate me


Cleanse me with cool waves

Of undulating numb

I don’t mean to ask so much but

Delightful Darkness, you’re the one that heals me


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