Dejanos immigrantes en paz (leave us immigrants in peace)


Beads of sweat

Running down 

My forehead

I cant think straight 

Im face to face

To my biggest fear 


The one fear 

I pray to god 

I wouldnt come up against 

The border patrol


His face with no emotion 

His eyes seem to go right through me 

As if he knew


"Step out of the car",as i slowly get out 

I tremble with fear

Should i run? should i hide ?

No quiero irme patras a mexico 

I dont want to go back to mexico 

People passing by are staring at me


Where am i going to?

Sabe que soy immigrante ?

Does he know im an immigrant ?

He ask for my C.A id and drivers license 


I tell him i left it at home

My breathing is getting heavy

Next thing i know im in the white car

With the green border patrol logo


Dejanos immigrantes in paz


Thoughts rushing through my head 

Once again i cant think straight

I have handcuffs on my hands

As im walking inside the gates of the border patrol station 

I see others just like me 


Tears on their face

Resisting to get out of the car 

And pleading to not send them back to Mexico 


I want to yell out loud and say 

"Dejanos immigrantes en paz !"

But i don't

I just wait for my life to turn upside down 



I wrote this poem to show what many immigrants might feel when they get sent back to mexico and shows their fear of the border patrol. 

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