Deja vous

Circumstance so familiar by memory painted sphere,

nuances of colorful thoughts looking through that window there.

The same song that gives this canvas its dimension,

doors to the threshold by mystic reason as ascension.

Generous nature in divine synchronicity is taken care,

the reservoir of unfulfilled dreams is waiting there.

Stairways leading to the rapture fields of grace,

surprised and wondrous why I see your face.

Still so exciting to talk to you in myriads of sense,

never understood that metaphor of our consequence.

Tasting your salty skin in my mind while talking,

another round of detecting motions rocking.

Your charm in smiles and laughter so symphonized,

feeling already by your comfort so baptized.

How can it be that this foreign land you are?

sitting on my stoop like a tempting avatar.

Changes with no name, disguised and yet the same,

or do I have to see that image in a different frame.

Unfinished resolutions from destinies whisper,

choices by subtle conscious to consider.

Facets of love light reflections to polish the spirit crystal,

visions of transitions incomprehensible.











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