Defying the Fine Selfie

Fri, 03/06/2015 - 23:56 -- SaraR97


Dang it...what day is it? It's only Thursday? (Seriously?)

Okay okay, I'm getting up. Shoot...not enough time to get ready. (Eh, I can do it).

A quick shower, throw on my school's uniform, brush my hair and teeth.

Now the face. My face. The best for last (LOL).

Millions of makeup products line the counter. (Yes, I exaggerate, and I am proud of that). 

I glance at the clock (followed by filterable words) realizing I have no time for my usual foundation and eyeliner and mascara getup. 

Oh well. Just mascara it is. (People will recognize me, right?)

I arrive at school to a friend in tears. What does it matter if I'm not having the best morning, (I am a loyal, caring friend) she comes before my needs.

First class of the day and I am surrounded by girls who look perfect. (Ew, well do I look like shit today or what).

Wait, perfect doesn't exist. (I might only partially believe that).

I answer a question right in class. Someone turns and stares at me. (Is it because she is so freaking jealous of my intelligence or because she doesn't know who I am without eyeliner?)

I arrive to my lunch table and my squad is already there. That girl over there is telling a story. (I'll listen in...this could be good).

(Insert obnoxious giggles here) Okay, yeah it was hilarious. (Sorry to you poor people who don't have the same sense of humor as me). 

My bestie sidles up to me. She wants me in her Snapchat story. (Seriously. Today of all days. I look gross).

Alright, fine, I'll take a selfie with you. (Choosing a filter should not take this long). 

Filter chosen. (That's me? I don't even look like me anymore).

Just take it off. I'm actually me without it. A real person. An un-edited girl. The true friend.

(I would like to keep this image of me this way).

Because that's who I am.

(Because Caution: Objects In The Filter Are Not What They Appear To Be)



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