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Families and friends

Are painful

Falling in-love is a curse

Neighbors are pains-in-the-asses

And strangers just make you worse.

They all cause cracks

And bruises

They hurt you when they die

They also make you mad and angry

 And really want to cry.

Oh yes some will make you laugh

Or think good about yourself

But most will only think of you as a new friend upon their shelf.

Yeah you might be alike

In more ways than just one

But please remember

They are still

Just basking in the sun

They will kick and hurt you

Be in torment for a while

Most will do it silently

Others with a smile

Soon you will be haggard

An evil ugly wretch

You will never trust

Or laugh or love or smile

Then you’ll remember my wise words

You’ll be in torment for while.

Because friends will make you

Hate your life

Family is no better

Loves and lovers drain you

Tears will only make you wetter

So listen to what I’m telling you

Don’t do very much else

But then, you cannot trust me either

So I say what the hell!

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