The Definition of a Man


What is a Man?

One who sheds no tears

Who drinks all day and night,

with vessels flooded with beer.


What is a Man?

One who has no goals,

makes his conscience dissolve,

and turns women’s hearts to holes.


What is a Man?

One who masks his pain,

Who lives, his whole life, a lie,

‘Cause since birth, he’s been gay.


What is a Man?

One who can’t be tamed

His anger stems from shame...

Six years by Father James.


What is a Man?

One who does cocaine

To balance lows with highs,

but gets lower each day.


What is a Man?

One who kills his own

Prompted to run from sirens

in bloody streets so cold.


What is a Man?

The pastor who’d molest you,

The husband who is aggressive,

The father that up and left you


What is a Man?

One who makes Cupid cry

The teenager who fakes love,

And spreads what ruins lives.


So am I not a Man,

Loving every girl who meets my eye?

I celebrate love;

Call me St. Valentine.


Am I not a Man,

Watching Lion King, sincerely balling?

When I’m on the edge, I warn the World

before I start falling.


Am I not a Man

If I’m open about my thoughts?

I don’t ever wear a mask,

I’m not afraid to get caught.


And am I not a Man

If my goal's not to look masculine

but rather be strong-willed,

profound,—even compassionate?


Am I not a Man

If I want my kids to love me so,

As I watch them blossom,

Just how a flower would grow?


Am I not a Man

If I’m inclined to be uxorious?

My passion as a lover

Adorns all; love is glorious…


Men should be sympathetic

No need for iron hearts

They can shed tears for homeless kids

That will probably starve.


Men should be optimists

They need demanding dreams

No amount of sex, money, or fame replaces self-esteem.


Man plays the brother, the father, and many more roles

Choose between the Light and Dark Side

When at the crossroads.


The purest men are heroes,

They are in my eyes

A Man who knows how to be human:

The best kind alive.




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