Definition is in the Destination


Laguna Beach California
United States

I have lived a live of turbulence

unrooted like a weed

but though I was taken from gardens of eden

it was with fate that I was freed


I landed in greener pastures

although to me they were but ash

for though it was yet another paradise

I longed for nothing more than my island past


and in that I found my greatest vice


although I do define myself

as a budding flower from Hawaii

it is from my west-coast sea-side tourist trap

that I have watched the many years go by


and now I am defined

by the hills and beaches and art

that raised me from my wild youth

and found a place within my heart


and in that I now realize 


I am an aspiring artist

I am a product of the sea

I am a nature lover

I am defined by what’s around me


My family gave me values

and my friends provided life

my education encouraged fascination

whilst my choices caused me strife


It is no use to pretend

that we are not all the same

Pretend what you wish

but we are all the products of where we came


and in that we should find pride

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My community
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