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With the "electric chair" I'm strapped in, it worries me to say. I wake up in the morning just to see the light of day. Oblivious to the time in which the switch will soon be struck. Taking advantage of what I live for, for someday it will be dust.
My hopes set so high, I'll soar until the day. Until "he" shakes me, 'till "he" wakes me, realizing that today is now today which is today. Tomorrow may not be there. Smile and close your eyes, compete with death while you are dreaming.
Though it's simple to move on, it's harder to let go, of all the trouble in this world, it seems the trouble's taking over. I'd be right to say the things we love are bound to soon control us. You'd be wrong to say that I was wrong, the logic clearly shows us that..

Were human.

I've taken the time, to analyze the atmosphere. As one line is drawn, another is erased.
Such a vicious task keeping track of population loss. Deceased being accept mourn, the living question faith.

With meaning I will say I understand, but I will never. With each face, a new life, with new opinions and endeavors.

It seems as though I'm speaking of myself, but pay attention. For switching "I" to "you" will make you realize that you're closer to the..



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