Define: Hopeless Romantic

I am not a realist. I am not necessitous. I am not hazardous. I am a hopeless romantic. It is a curse, to expect the fairytale ending after the first date. It is a spell cast upon from the wicked witch of the west called heart ache. The rush of emotions hitting you at full speed with no control of your thoughts. Thoughts about potential, commitment, devotedness. Thoughts about the clique princess fairytale with the handsome prince charming, a glass slipper, and at the end of the night the twelve screams of the grandfather clock telling me “it’s time!” “It’s time!” “It’s time to say goodbye!” A figure of imagination, a dream, a hallucination. Stop. Stop it all, the thought, the dreams, the hopes, the heartbreaks. All of it stop. Heartbreak over and over taken from my chest, crumpled, stomped on, torn apart. Sadly taped back together to form a piece that keeps me functioning as a person but not as me. The fear and betrayal devour and absorb all happiness hoarded in my mind. I’m disintegrating. I’ve vanished into someone I have become, not by choice. Who am I? Where am I? When did I allow myself go through all of this? Don’t all Fairytales end with happy endings? The curse, the spell has become me. I am no princess. I am a heartless romantic. Not a hopeless romantic. I have not found my heart, I have one that beats, I need a piece that has mine skip a beat. Fairytales have ups and downs right? I mean Cinderella, Ariel and any other Disney princess started from nothing, to getting their prince charming. They always come out with a happy ending. But what about reality? My author is confused. They don’t know what type of story they want. But I will tell you, the past chapters have been filled with tears, betrayal and lies. All chaos, but the beginning of this new chapter I have started with my life is filled with skipping heartbeats, glass slippers, and my prince charming. I deserve this, I deserve to feel the unknown emotion of love. To think after all that has happened in my story I finally get a new beginning, a whole new start. My fairytale is finally beginning to be written the right way (just needed to get through some test trials). The glass slipper fits, the ball gown shining so bright, the pumpkin carriage staying its elegant self-past midnight. It’s all here, my fairytale and everything I’ve been waiting for. But a hopeless romantic always gets the tables turned this time they may stay on my side. I am a hopeless romantic. I am not necessitous. I am not hazardous. I am just hopelessly in love with my prince in shining armor that has saved me from this unfortunate curse. Hopeless romance.

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