Defenestrate the Rhinoceros

Tue, 04/23/2013 - 22:04 -- 2twins


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the rhinoceros!
Help it escape the conflagration
from the overused lamp
decorated by the blasted daughters,
forcing their ways of hedonism

on the zoo, so non-hedonistic
until the old ways were defenestrated
when they took over, the daughters
who care not for the monkey or rhinoceros
and only for their gaudy chairs and lamps
that meet their ends in conflagration.

But these items deserve conflagration –
it burns the awful hedonism
symbolized in the exploding lamp.
Maybe their philosophies they will defenestrate
(if they can fit after the rescued rhinoceros),
but so is not the way of the daughters.

Oh, if only those daughters
would burn in the conflagration!
Put themselves after the peacock and rhinoceros –
although the peacock, too, can be hedonistic
with its plumage, but it can not defenestrate
its natural build, just as the lamp

cannot stop shining. The poor lamp!
Not its fault it was picked by the daughters
and caused the great defenestration –
caused the conflagration –
in the midst of their hedonism
that nearly slaughtered the rhinoceros.

But the fortunate rhinoceros
escaped the fires of the labored lamp,
draped in the finery of the girls' hedonism –
the luxury of being a landowner's daughters –
uncaring of the conflagration;
their father's hard work they defenestrated.

They defenestrated me, the rhinoceros
in the throws of the conflagration by a heated lamp.
I hate the daughters and their hedonism.)



a sestina about daughters who inherit a zoo from their father but only care about the money that comes with it; they fill the place with gaudy frivolities, including a lamp, which they accidentally leave turned on in their carelessness and set fire to the zoo

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