Defender of the Youth


So you think that you are brave?

Hiding behind your words so foul

It could make a soul roll up and shatter


Better them than me?

But I don’t agree with them

Words so poised and cocked, loaded in an endless battle


What are trying to prove?

Power and might will make you up to be a better man

Yet you hide behind a screen, shielding your face like no man






Hiding behind that façade

But listen

Who do you think you are?

To judge, to fight, to write

Whipping out those words

To hurt, to cry, to smite

Ripping apart a life

With no endless triffle


There is only one person who can judge

And that ain’t you

So put your words aside

There ain’t nothing to fight

You want a reason to judge

Just look at yourself in the mirror

And ask yourself

Who you think you are?   

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