Deeply Rooted Envy


United States
39° 4' 54.1632" N, 76° 33' 16.5708" W

Flowers coloured aquamarine, violet, and fuchsia
Forests dense with trees
Filled with exotic plants of all cultures
Alluring dark green, the colour of algae, ivy
Slightly overgrown
Slightly intruding on the butterfly bush’s soil
Ever so slightly
But you must have more
You must have that plant
The plant the he owns
Brown and green, that’s all it is
It doesn’t even compare to the paradise you own
But you can’t see this
You’d rather dispossess your garden
Than live without that plant
That one inconsequential plant
The plant that allows you to lose respect for you kingdom
Open your eyes you blind creature!
Your gorgeous eyes, not his



So amazing this is absolutely astonishngly beautiful. It blew me away. This is extremely humbling as a reader, and inspiring.

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