Deep Within

 The assignment was to write a poem or advisory addressing an issue teenagers would find hard to talk about with their parents. I chose pregnancy.




                            There is something that will grow inside that will change my life around.

                            For fear of life of future tense has made my face a frown.

                            I have always been taught to live a life of delicacy.

                            But now I pray that life would end because your shame to be.

                            The love you show has made it possible for me to grow.

                            But now I feel that it shall fade and never really show.

                            Life will probably be hard just like a turtoise shell.

                            I hope your support will remain the same if i should ever tell.

                            It remains a mystery of how life will turn.

                            For life may never be the same if one is born.

                           The beauty that lives within may see the break of light.

                           With the glimmer of beating heart at just one little sight.

                           Once she is here I hope to be everything raised to be.

                           But most of all I pray that you will remain proud of me.





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