Deep lore a bull red basket case - of this aging teen



Well versed in procrastination set me on trajectory - 

   for this buck - became an Eros hubble ace

at letting anxiety stew and fester, 

   whereat family and classmates solicited to brace

didst inculcate within me the major component 

   Wherefore art thou' Romeo, the psychic monkey did chase

the tan man hat coursing around 

   neurological mulberry bush, an imprimatur no erase

sing could rid, thus even to this very instant 

   repercussions from adolescence i still face

with grim determination to avoid engendering 

   a psychological bottleneck a slick grace

note herewith attempts to sound off 

   self induced imprecation finds me bing stabbed with ice

sic culls Merck cure chrome-plated metallic

    like virgin sharp daggers on par with razor teeth of mice

which jagged piercing sensations 

   invisibly punctuate the psyche, thus equals existential price

paid in countless non GMO grains of Uncle Sam’s 

   unconverted nonestablishmentarian Unitarian rice

unseasoned, but naturally adequately salty 

   appeasing cleft chin, and sub-mucous cleft palate spice

to perfection since Michelin hired famous chefs 

   (nano size implanted integrated circuit) could twice

as fast whip up any concoction immediately 

   envisioned by robots yours truly archetypes did design 

initially to help me cope viz The Idler Wheel 

   Is Wiser than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping fine
Cords Will Serve You More than Ropes 

   Will Ever Do - or more succinctly mental illness - cut a line

visibly evident when electro cardiogram 

   administered evincing a sight 

   for sore eyes - gray matter mine

practically pock marked and cratered with more than...

   oh my dog, the total pits greater than sixty-nine

exacerbated without doubt from atomic structure 

   comprising this bloke kin son ova bit chin with sign

of evident bio-chemical deficiency, hence necessity 

   for pharmacopeia of meds doc severson did assign

who drummed up this cocktail after numerous trials 

   and errors reflected via spastic behavior when dine

ing with family, friends or neighbors, 

   one acquaintance ranked as the top notch British Nottingham ensign 

or so this poet with a schizoid disorder 

   firmly believed asper thyself 

   anything touched became mine

yea...akin to the patterns associate with toddlerhood, 

   which at the age of LVII did not serve to wax nor shine

as a salient trait, yet reality thru these 

   myopic brown eyes sensed paranoia 

   with a posse intent to ent twine

me from head to iambic foot, which crowdsource 

   programmed by Donald trump who implanted an integrated bit

sans latest state of the art re: lob bot tummy 

   without major risk imposed on cerebral cortex - a custom fit

grown from stem cells within said person 

   undergoing quick permanent fix - 

   so as to curtain quarks quite hit

tee us - and essentially this medical break through 

   allowed, enable and provided and immediate end to kit

a tonic state, when of a sudden, an afflicted individual 

   would mew, or burst out reciting pages of great lit

er a chore, though only chancing to hear 

   horse hay renown masterpiece juiced one time recall ad mitt

ted lee quite amazing (perhaps one positive outcome 

   duff furring tasks) with many a severe ache in the pit

of abdomen. whereby physiological symptom 

   until a small number of wink'n, blink'n and nod would not quit

thus the reason - without rhyme hive felt inclined 

   hurriedly swiftly Taylor and sty lushly hare reed writ.



This poem is about: 
My family


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