Deep inside my skin

I'm drowning in water
I'm breathing in fire
My bones are wires
My tears are hotter
and My walls are made of butter

Scratching my skin
Biting my lips
Blush red
Holding those tears back
But there's just no win
Sweatin my hands off
Cause my insecurities are showing all
'You're acting weird, so knock it off'

You told me I wasn't good enough
Being me wasn't enough to you
I'm sorry I had to be so rough
So I spread my wings and flew
But I came back to you
Now I was a prisoner and I'm stuck with you

Please don't laugh I'm not ready for that
I'm trying to be myself
But you can't accept that
I'm drowning in tears
I'm turning blue
Cause green wasn't good enough for you

I'm too scared to show that side
That no one knows so I try to hide
You say 'just be yourself'
But when I do you whisper 'it's doesn't suit herself'
So I go back to the book shelf
Just like everyone else
I'm trying to be myself
You criticize me
You tell me it's too much
But I'm only sixteen
'I don't care it's an ugly touch'

You say don't like this and you don't like that
You don't like my body and I can't handle that
It's too much for me to handle
I'm not here to fight a battle
I just need a love apple
Cause you see I'm really fragile
You say you don't like my nose
The face that I hold
The skin that I wear
And everything that I hold
Cause it contains too much ugly
For you to take in all the woe

You took in everything he said
and made them into power instead
You kept them inside of my head
You repeat the words he says
Replaying them over as I cry in my bed

I need your knowledge and memories
I don't need you to be burning down my fantasies
The one responsible for this
The one for taking it all in
Is the brain that I take within
The one who keeps my insecurities deep inside my skin

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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