Deep Falters Deep

Deep Falters Deep

shades of Pine
out of God's heavenly design
Stare into the sofa
just to get to know ya
Pilgrim across the eager street
love is the meager element able
shades of difference perfumed by madness
to solve the music

love lifted my Charisma,
long to look after
a silo nor sorrow
feel the thrust of sorrow
bases mend through fences strangers advances out of second chances

wallow in the mercury fuel
bridge a gap from the way we used to know
deep falters deep
a blur of smiles left to sadness to shine a new
pilgrims shaped from the fabric of your dressing
swallow me deep in the intense aim to please
through its Autumn leaves,

when to appear the husk in need
shine forth the give & take
burn in me the desire to let go and show forth the order
Mom ma please the Smile
changing me
thank you & me
from all sin and shame
wonderful let my redeemer praise his name

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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