Deep Dish Pizza


Stone Mountain, Ga
5037 Bent Tree Loop
United States
33° 49' 2.9604" N, 84° 10' 44.8428" W


Toppings in every ingredient is what you are famous for in others agreement.

Windy City blows down your slice of pizza and gives me that thrill I want in life.                                         Latin, Italian, Asian, Indian is to collaborate your taste of style to unite all cultures of a giant cloud. Running to you after school hours made me think of my child hood past that somehow last. Like a person from another country the words ‘home sickness” is poetry.

This place is not what use to be and is now a small image of my memory.

The wind has pushed me into a peach tree so I have to find my way back home from tree to tree.

Chefs toss me in the air and spin and span me until I’m ready to be prepared.

Dashing, drowsing, dizziness of what the two may bring, but in the silence I can hear of what the voices may scream. Orders up!!!! The pizza is hot and ready and willing to serve for those who like to eat nice and steady. Bring out the finest of ingredients and your most expensive wine. I have much to show you about the Windy City dine. A dance to soothe your appetite just right and the fulfillment of the entertainments delight. Come on back I’ll have more when I see you and have a slice of my famous deep dish pizza.

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I hope you all like this poem and God Bless to you all.!!!!

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