deemed perfect

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 16:41 -- lmergen


United States
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Let’s break it down to the dirty details.
You broke my heart, but have yet to know.
Maybe you won’t either.

Maybe you won’t know my middle name.
If I could tell you one thing about me,
I would ask questions about you.

The faults have yet to be found,
And that’s hard for me.
You can’t be perfect unless I deem you.

Complaining of not following through,
Or being a waste of my time…won’t happen.
Wishing I hadn’t said that,
Or kissed another, then…won’t happen.

Still, plans were supposed to surface.
Time was to be given to the birds,
And our feelings were to become words.

There wasn’t a night of laugher and holding doors.
You didn’t walk me home, or take my hand in yours.

Instead I’m stuck here, breaking up with us.


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