The Decline


I gaze upon the world
Viewing all its pain
I see the homeless children
In clothes drenched from the rain

The rain of tears that fall
From my saddened eye
As I turn my gaze downward
Never glancing at the sky

The sky is dark and gloomy
And the clouds are very grey
The sun no longer shines
For it is a cursed day

The day when families break apart
When hate reigns lord of all
From heights of peace and beauty
Humanity did fall

It fell into the depths
With every selfish cry
Love fell away to ruin
And sighing, seemed to die

Love seemed to pass away
And it was never missed
To betray one another
Was the only time we kissed

My words are coming true
As daylight turns to night
The world is wrapped in greed
And it’s such an ugly sight


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