The Declaration of a Child


To whom it may concern,

this is my declaration,

the state in which I show myself and name my emancipation.


To whom it may concern,

those who said I couldn’t do it,

all the things I learned and fought for have enabled me to do it.

But, beyond this talent that I of course have obtained,

I have come to know myself and more than just my name.

I am smart, kind and wise,

Just, strong and fair…

(Oh, and humble too)


And through all these abilities,

I see a new page,

of which Shakespeare said all the world’s a stage

and in this stage of my page

I’m of course the star.


So don’t you see the situation of my nation?

Why should I the star attempt to be on par with all you little planets???


But then of course, comes the problem of which I have yet to solve.

While you see my superiority,

my mother’s less enthralled.

My ears still hurt, my rear end to,

the effects of my illusion she says,

but some day I will complete this declaration,

this state of my emancipation,

and this day will come most certainly…


When I learn to sign my name…

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