Decisions to be made

Tue, 03/12/2013 - 23:34 -- cmency


United States
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I refuse for a guy to tell me what I want to hear
I decide what I want to do with my body
It is a choice that I make on my own.
Young woman thinks she grown enough to go against what she knows,
Believing a guy is what she goes by
He tells her he loves her
Even though its lust
She feels he’s the only one she can trust.
As the days goes on she realizes that something is going on
Wondering what went wrong
With him why is he acting different towards me?
Couple months passed and her body feels different
She’s crying found out some news she would not expect
To reveal that she is pregnant.
As she tells the one she love the news
He’s scared and moves on.
Pregnant and scared she is thinking of what she could’ve done
To avoid the situation,
Caught up in the temptation, the sensation of lust
Lost so much trust in everyone.
Running away from home having her parents concerned
This is a life lesson that she has learned.


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