Decision Time

She struggled with it.

The decision.

Yes or no?

Is this thing apart of me.

Is it my responsibility?

She berated herself.

She hated herself.

She despised the things she'd done.

Her hands slid down her swollen belly

Cradling the emerging bump.

Toying with the fraying fabric.

Rubbing the tightening skin.

She gazed into the mirror,

Taking in her shameful sin.

Down she slid,

the tile wall.

Falling deep into the grout.

She could feel the room,

Pressing in.

Staring at her. 

Jeering at her.

Suffocating her.

The eyes burned holes through her sweater.

No matter, no matter how hard she tried,

Could she forget,

The baby inside.

She couldn't do it,

It wasn't her life to take.

Only she alone,

Could decide her baby's fate.




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