So I took a long breath, and relaxed

To catch up to the world for once

Enjoyed the beauty of the stillness of nature

And the collision of air and my skin

Because I hadn't, for years that passed by

But at this moment, I stopped to think exactly why

I had just kept running as if something was chasing me

I would run for glory in those races, and admire myself

"What a hardworking man I had become," I used to tell myself


Then I realized I was going to be late

Mother was making me my favorite dish: momo*

And I was not planning to miss it again

So I ran, feeling the soreness up to my brain

It was neither the hardest I had run, nor the longest

But it was tiring enough that I felt the numbness


And the numbness made me grasp my dumbness

Thinking it was only due to my efforts that I got my speed

I never thought about my mother's dish's freshness

I never thought I was indebted to my mother and father's sacrifices

I never asked these questions to myself.

How do I have legs?

How do I have air in my lungs?

From one block to the next, how do I continue those runs?

How do I feel? How do I learn?

How do I know the world from the old to the young?

Without my mother making me dinner every night

Without my father's continuous struggle and constant fight

I have realized this today; God has shown me this insightful light

That they gave me the chance to run and chase the world

Unfortunately, it is my time to go

I will attempt to pay them back when I return with a glow

And give them a chance to take a breath and relax

And let them catch up to the world for once

Because in the process of showing me it

They hadn't a chance to look, for years that passed by


*Momo: A Nepali dish similar to a dumpling 


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