Death's Puppet


United States
37° 56' 4.1208" N, 111° 25' 39.3204" W

I looked your death in the eyes
but I only saw myself
I lit a candle in your memory
it wasn't easy to extinguish the flame
Halls of mirrors cast distorted reflections
of what the truth is
when you take out the lies
A thousand fingers point in a thousand directions
to all the things
that I should have done
My paranoia envelopes me
I drown in my own thoughts and fears
I'd like to cry, to weep, to sob
to release this burden,
but my emotion has withered dry
We don't always know why
we do what we do
Some things just can't be explained
So Is it ever really up to us
or are we just puppets
who dance on strings?

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