Death's Poem


United States
39° 36' 47.7252" N, 97° 51' 1.422" W

Death has eyes of flesh and stone
His lips made of blood and bone
He sits next to me as I cry
As though he knows I cannot die

Death lies in words unspoken 
Followed by your spell, unbroken
Every color drained away
Your stone heart lasts another day

Death is barren and cold
Stealing souls of the young and old
And as I lie here bleeding
I wonder if his presence is misleading

Death is inside of me
The demons I will not set free
He lurks in the shadows of my skin
Hoping I will let you in

Death is inside of you
Hoping to get you angry, too
He wants to tear me limb from limb
To fill his cup of blood to the brim

Death steals the night
The screaming souls that put up a fight
I am Death, and I am all around
But your soul doesn’t make a sound.


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