Death's Plight

Tonight, I can write about a broken moment in time,


About a lone wolf,

Whose power and grace fell,

As the heavens would cry,

Shunned because she didn’t fit in,

Didn’t agree with the status quo,

Believed in fairy tale dreams,

Oh so long ago,


Tonight, I can write about a broken moment in time,


How she was taken and tamed,

Caged against her will,

Taunted and teased,

Branded with the mindset,

That she would never be free to roam,


Hunted by expectation,

Whipped by past mistakes,

Sadden by disregard,

Worn out by others’ troubles,

Put down by life trials,


None seemed to notice,

The self hatred reflected,

In the eyes of the wolf,

As she was stripped of her former self,


Tonight, I can write about a broken moment in time,


About a kiss from death’s hands,

About a slice of a knife,

How ruby red never seemed so delightful,

To the sight,


Where then the death plans began,

And nothing seemed the same,


Numb to the world,

Nothing to awake,


And yet,


Tonight, I can write about broken moment in time,


About a lone wolf,

Who despite being caged,

Rose to the occasion,

And found her fangs,

Fought for what she believed in,

With power and grace,

Taught by her elders,

To protect and love,

Found a meaning behind her life,

And greet the moon again,


Freed from her cage,

Through her belief,

Set to roam with relief,

The nightmare gone,

Feelings returned,

The lone wolf without a pack,

Found one again,


And though the time comes,

That they must part,

And never see face to face,

As often as before,

The emptiness never seem to hold,

It’s darken grasp has fail,

It will no longer hold her back,


Though it may try,

That suffocating feeling,

But she now understands,

There is more to life,


Than death



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