"Death's Kiss"

A young girl lying on the soft grass by the riverside. Icicles hang from the weeping willows surrounding her. The water drips like the salty tears rolling down the girl's beautiful face. She grabs at her last inch of strength and goes into the water. She floats down the moving waters. They poke her like tiny pieces of ice leaving marks on her skin. In reality, these marks are from the sweet metal of a razor blade. Watching them slice and scar her skin is the reason for her flowing tears. She is in a hospital bed while IVs pump liquid in her body trying to keep her alive. The real results of a girl's accidental suicide unfold. These two girls are beautiful and love by family and friends. One dies from the grace of death's kiss in beauty. One dies in tghe darkness of death's curse. One, you can hear singing and the other you hear long beep then silence as her heart stops.


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