Deathly Lullaby

I'll sing a deathly lullaby
And pretend its all fine
But the truth of it all
Is that this is goodbye
The last words before I die
One last song until I fall
What was the point of it all
Why was I given this life
I tried so hard to become what I hate
And now I realize it can't be changed
But maybe just maybe that's okay
I used to believe that I was a mistake
I can't change myself
But how I feel about myself changed
What's the point of living
If you never stop to appreciate the gifts you have
Well there are some people who would die for what you have
While others just wish they were dead
It's all too hard to understand
I haven't even started to comprehend the truth behind life
Maybe heaven and hell are just white lies
Maybe the truth behind life is to die
What if we start over when it ends
And we get another chance to live again
Change our choices therefor changing ourselves
Because maybe when we are in our deathbed
With all the memories replaying in our heads
Maybe then is when we are truly happy
We can see how we become ourselves
And if we do get a second chance
I won't change anything I did
So I'll sing my deathly lullaby
And pretend it's all fine
But the truth of it all
Is that this is goodbye
But maybe everything is fine
Maybe I'm not pretending it's all alright
Because I'm happy with this life of mine
So as I sing my swan song
I'll have a smile on my face
And the shine in my eye
Right before I die
When I'm singing a deathly lullaby


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