The Deathless King


United States
32° 13' 28.2" N, 99° 30' 2.2104" W

Deathless king upon his throne
withered flesh and hands of Bone, Trinkets of gold, now long Dull
The silver crown upon his Skull, Tattered robes and rusted Sword
Old and wizened like their Lord, Grieved he was but could not weep
As he watched Death his kingdom Reap, Withered flesh and haggard Bone
The deathless king sits Alone, As years go by his kingdom Crumbles
Upon his palace no man Stumbles, The sky was dark, the land was Dead
The sun was pale, the moon blood Red, The deathless king upon his Seat
Savored neither drink nor Meat, Deprived of live and denied Death
Eternal existence without Breath, A mighty king he was of Old
A valiant warrior, brave and Bold, Now he sits, watching other Fates
For the end of all he Awaits...


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