Death Comes In 3’s

Death Comes in the number of 3’s

Like blowing out your candles on your 3rd birthday

That one extra candle symbolizes you’ll get older

Truth is its one year closer to my heart becoming frozen over.

Even though the world will end one day

I’ll still look like my mom, but don’t I remember her face

I need a scalpel to remove this mask I’ve been wearing cause its Absorbed into my face

Just because I’m quiet doesn’t mean I’m shy

I like to take risks even if it a bullet that hits me in the eye

“like it did my brother”

We all cry but we don’t cry the same tears

Ring around the roses I see a woman in a dress made of black posies Afraid to hear judgement from others even though the room is silent. But don’t test her because when the mood is right she can become violent Even though she tries to fight it!

She let her anxiety hold her back from the person she wanted to be Whats brings us to the lucky number 3

Don’t speak to me if you haven’t been in our shoes Experienced what we felt. They did my dad dirt so I can actually say fuck 12 He worked 18 years in that jail cell

Missing birthdays, Christmases, everything in between

Something similar to a snake they may slice him in half

Break him down, but he still breathing. As long as my dads on earth

I wouldn’t dare anyone to try uhm. Because it’s me who’s gone be there right beside uhm.

Don’t worry I’m not gone crucify uhm (them).

Cause I know someone upstairs wouldn’t want that

He told me to live your life cause, you only get one of uhm (them).

So, I started getting caught up in the waves. No one could tell me nothing

Then everything came crashing down. Now I have to sit in the place watching everyone frown while they put you 6 inches deep in the ground.

Knowing you could’ve still been here, but you made the decision

To say enough. The machine was cut. It was like a sharp knife stabbing me in the gut.


I know you’re in a better place and I glad you don’t have to see or experience

What the world is today.

RIP to a broken soul I love you.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world



Thank you for blessing us all with this 🙏❤️

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