Death Clone

Death Clone


I see you walking around looking at me

What do you know about living?

Did you one day experience love?

Whatever love it could be, as miserable and beautiful it could be.

Why are you trying to fail me when I did not start living yet?

I want death to adore my determination of fighting him back.

My only desire is for him to owe me my health and my life back.

Death should be scared of me not the otherwise!

Why do he insist so much on knocking my door,

Meanwhile, my back is all that is facing him? 

It is sad how death torture you to end your life!

Strength and courage to fight my darkness are becoming my weaknesses.

Death Clone who do you think you are?

All I want is peace; however, you chain my health in your lonely misery.


October 13, 2018

Annaël Julien

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