Death Changed Me

I can see it.

I can see the light located at the end of the tunnel

I run faster and faster towards it

Praying with each step I'll be one step closer,

closer  to being free.


Free from the bullies

the cruel jokes,

the stress,

the need to fit in,

the need to be perfect,

the need to be loved.


I get closer and closer

Holding my breath as everything goes my way

for a slight second I might be happy

Until suddenly I'm falling,

I trip and fall face first into the ground


The death of a loved one pushing me down,

holding me there not being able to breath.

the crushing weight unbareable.


I slowly realize the need to move on

That if I stay,

I may be stuck here on the ground forever,

forever in a black hole of depresion while seeing the light,

the light at the end of the tunnel just out of my reach.


So I move on, slowy but steadily

Hanging onto every memory,

fighting the pain.

I get up and stand stronger then before

I move on but I never forget


I start my journey again

stronger then ever

I run towards the light at the end of th



This poem is about: 



haunting, had to read this three times. this was my first poem that i've read on here, since i just joined, and i'm glad this 

was the first one i've read. :) 


also, i love that i can closely relate to this poem. 

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