Death by Bullying


United States
33° 18' 34.4124" N, 111° 43' 53.9616" W

Bullied and picked on, hurt,
But no one knew.
Who was the Bully? Was it you?
Or me?
A future solider you shall be,
But instead you put that bullet to your head
Because you wanted the bullying to end.
Wearing your army suit surrounded by your metals,
But now you fly with the angles.
So young and only in the eighth grade
If only someone came to your aid,
You could of been saved,
But now poor Chris is dead
It was the bullying and anger
that caused your suicide.
The halls were silent,
Not a sound only cries,
It seems like century for each day to go by.
Sobs. Sobs. Cries all around
We stand hand in hand,
as we watch poor Chris be put into the ground,
Flower in my hand
As i read out loud
"Love and will be remembered,
Rest in Peace Chris Brewer."


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