Sun, 09/22/2013 - 02:29 -- tahinah


He loves to come out and play everyday

Romping and causing mass disarray


Slipping between cars

Hiding in cigars


Skating on ice

Floating on dice


Gaffing his finger on the triggers of guns

Taking a bath between hamburger buns


Making that false click in your seat belt

Lighting a spark to the gasoline you smell


Heavily bouncing atop splitting branches

Guiding tornados towards open ranches


Creating tsunamis the size of a giant

Having a doctor botch up on a client


Stopping deer in the middle of the road

Putting some poison on the tongue of a toad


Pushing that candy too far down your windpipe

Causing a nurse to give you the wrong blood type


Saying “Oops,” when he drops babies

Injecting that little Chihuahua with rabies


Smiling as he watches you drown

And laughing when a shark pulls you down


Giggling and hawing and stomping his feet

When an old lady trips in the street


Goes into his castle after all of this sorrow,

And then grins while saying, “Can’t wait for tomorrow.”





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