Death 4

Wed, 05/29/2013 - 22:53 -- seh221


United States
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You could hear her plea
“Oh please, Oh please Death!
Let go of me!
I need to live, I need to breathe!”

Yet Death did not stop
As he took her in.
He did not stop,
As Death was bound to win.

“Please stop,” she cried.
Take me home, she thought.
“Let me go!” she pled and tried.
“Make this end,” a final word.

Death wished and prayed
But it was not his job to keep her alive.
Oh yet she, full of spirit,
Would not survive.

She knew her battle was to end.
Coming to a stop.
Everything was slowing,
Until you could hear a single pin drop.

She wept and feared, tears on her face.
But Death was not mean,
He strode towards her at a friendly pace.
Her struggle was over,
She feared no more.
She sighed her last breath, took Death’s hand
And they stepped into the Gleaming Door.


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