I tried to convince myself that this isn’t real. 

These tears that fall from my eyes,

this pain that lingers deep into my soul this feeling of emptiness, without a light in the dark fills me up to the brim of my being.    The thoughts in my head are being  tossed around with the idea that this real.  Death hits you, it can fill  you. Open your damn eyes,  having life without  death is just an empty soul.    This life though runs deep in our souls,  it is the blood of the human being.  But death takes away things without  warning. It makes the pain as real  as the water in your eyes.  Denial and anger are filling-   Devouring my heart and filling  it with more hatred.  My soul   is becoming weak, my eyes  tired with the thought of not being  able to see you. This is real..  I will have to learn to live without.   But why God why must I be without?  I don’t want to hate you, but I am so filled  with doubts.  You must not be real.  I have this aching soul,  and a tortured heart that that is being  led astray. Don’t you realize?   Please look into my eyes,  tell me that death without  life is like being  a heart that is not filled  with love.  Death shook my soul  and made me know that this is all real.   My heart was filled with sadness as my soul cried out for you.  I was left without a goodbye or one last look in your eyes.  Death is as real as it gets, being an end all to life as we know.


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