Inspired by Ellie Wiesel's "Night"

The spring sky has a pale face,
Because its make-up is of ashes.
Fear is painted upon them and
They’re fighting the acceptance that’s setting in,
Since faith has gone alongside the smoke
That came from the bodies of their love ones.

Empty sockets stare through the walls,
Envisioning freedom that’s out of reach.
The burning fire consumes
Hopes, dreams and life.
It eats up their limbs and becomes fumes,
That prick sore noses.

Memories of the Holocaust,
Memories of a life time lost.
Dreams that turn into a nightmare,
That plunges them into despair.

Some made it back,
Most left without a trace
Few still live in the dark
But all knew the same face,




I just wanted to get some feedback from a mentor about my poem and its message.



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