Have you ever
seen another
take their last

Who can tell
which it was,
until the moment
is long past?

It's like
the moment itself
must be dead
before one can
even recognize it.

Perhaps they are
just asleep,
and will wake up feeling better in a second or two.

It's as if our mind masks us from the reality.
Or perhaps it is just aware of the inherent uncertainty. It knows what it doesnt know.

Yes that's it.
Always left to wonder about that moment,
That word,
It's a gateway to everything unknowable in life.
The underworld.

Winter used to be my favorite season.
Until I started to see my Poppa's eyes
Roll back in his head and Momma scream
Everytime it snows. I see the white.

This poem is about: 
My family
Our world


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