Death is knocking at my door  again tonight

I’m trying so hard to slam the door in his face

But each day it gets a little harder

He’s been persistent comin round every night

Im crying myself to sleep yet again as yet another  person walks out on me

Next time he comes a knocking i may not slam the door and  the gates to hell open a little wider each day

Each laugh and snide comment pushes me a little closer to the edge

I'm trying to push through this nightmare But nobody sees the struggle inside my head nobody sees my pain

Death has an offer  more promising than my life right now

Nobody understands how hard i'm trying to belong somewhere

He has made a point that is hard to dispute i am unhappy

Once again my classmates have made me feel as though i'm unwanted

He appears snickering just as i throw  myself on the bed crying yet again

Pushing myself through day after day of laughing and snide comments

Death sees me painting with silver on a canvas invisible to the world

Each day the canvas gets a little larger a little more detailed

Death alone has seen the masterpiece that is my nightly canvas


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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